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Welding Service in Peoria, IL

Welding takes years to learn and a lifetime to master, and aluminum welding is particularly tricky. With a low melting point and high thermal conductivity, aluminum presents a unique challenge to even the most experienced welders. If you’re looking for an aluminum welding service in Peoria, IL, come to Bart Custom Boats & Welding. We have the experience needed to bring your aluminum project to life. 

What Are the Difficulties of Aluminum Welding?

 Aluminum welding is a unique type of metalworking. Due to its low melting point, aluminum is prone to widespread softening and melting as you work on it, so you need to have a patient, steady hand to avoid damage. The high level of thermal conductivity means that aluminum is prone to burn through as the heat is transferred to the surrounding surfaces.

To accommodate these qualities, aluminum should be welding quickly and with very high heat levels. Unlike other metals, aluminum should be pulled instead of pushes as you weld, as this results in a cleaner weld. The rapid expansion resulting from the high heat can result in crater cracking, so you should stick to convex-shaped welds as this shape helps mitigate this risk.

What are the Benefits of Aluminum?

 Given all of this hassle, why use aluminum at all? Aluminum is strong, lightweight, corrosion-resistant, durable, and even odorless when compared to other metals. Despite the difficulty of welding aluminum, the results speak for themselves. Aluminum is a great choice for everything from construction projects to transportation services, so you shouldn’t shy away from using it.

Do you have need of a welding service for your upcoming aluminum project? Come to Bart Custom Boats & Welding today. We’ll be happy to work with you to create a custom welded aluminum piece that will last for years. Call us at (309) 397-7478 to learn more about our fabrication services and prices.