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(309) 397-7478 Aluminum Welding Fabrication

aluminum welding fabrication tractor trailer repair CUSTOM BOATS

Tractor Trailer Repair near Peoria, IL

Truck Repair And Fabrication

  • Frame Repair Modification
  • Tank Repair Modification
  •  5th Wheels, Block Kits, Bushing Kits
  • Custom Hitch Plates
  • Custom Decks
  • Fuel & Hydraulic Tank Repair

Trailer Repair And Fabrication

  • General Welding And Crack Repair
  • 5th Wheel Plate Rebuilds And King Pins
  • Frame Patch And Repair (Crossmembers, Web, Flange)
  • Draft Arm Repair Replacement
  • Hopper Bottom Tube And Subframe Repair
  • Tailgate Repair(Straighten, Twist, Seal)
  • Aprons
  • Tailgate Latches & Linkage
  • Suspension Hanger Corrosion Removal